Philippa + Michael

THE BRIEF: The stationery was to be elegant and modern, and include colors of teals, emeralds, and golds. The wedding ceremony stationery needed to be different from the stationery at the reception where the stationery at the reception was to incorporate a custom hand-painted floral motif visible on the reception venue tables

THE OUTCOME: The stationery created for Philippa and Michael was inspired by the modern interest in emerald and gold themes. A classic font pair was chosen as it is versatile to use across the various stationery to create a visual flow from the items seen at the ceremony and then at the reception.

  • Wedding Reception
    Fergusons on 5th, Johannesburg
  • Photographer
    Hanri Human Weddings

    Ceremony Welcome Board
    Ceremony Program
    Reception Coat Check Signage + Tags
    Table Seating Chart
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    Toilet Signage
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