A designer who loves to CREATE BEAUTIFUL things.

I am Jacqui Pougnet, but please feel welcome to call me Jax. I am the owner and designer at JPDesign, a business that is dedicated to providing both existing or newly custom-designed, printed or manufactured stationery and small decor.


I am talking to you, the upcoming bride, the superstar event coordinator, the little luxe party planner. The superhuman who loves to keep an eye on things and wants beautiful results. 


There are a lot of options out there, but at JPDesign, the options provided are based on exactly what YOU want. If you have seen a few designs, like a few things, dislike some other things, at JPDesign is where we bring all of the things you love together, promising a result that is within your vision. 

Thank you for your time taken to go through my work.

I would love to assist you in the near future for your upcoming special day.

Contact me here.